Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Done deal

We live here for now.

Cool peeps

Can't wait to see everybody again.

Just an update: CD and I are working on right now. I have the domain reserved. Now, if only kerrcarto would answer his damn emails...

An Earworm From Jerry

Jerry has kindly provided us with a don't-wanna-miss-it video. For those of you who weren't able to attend the blogmeet:

Hey, ya'll

My blog appears to be temporarily defunct. But here's a little jewel that is sure to bring back a drunken flashback. Feast your weary earies:

Sure do miss all of you.
Gone for eight days tomorrow, ya'll be good!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Okay Y'all.

Time for a head count. If you were at the meet, leave a comment so we can all give and get some linky love.

Oh, and Supergurl and I are blogmommies. Denny is the father. It's a long story.

Let's just say that Denny looked happy and relaxed all weekend.

Come to think of it, there were a lot of guys looking REAL relaxed all weekend.


And the latest news is that Shiner Bock...any now is very short supply, as extra had to be trucked into the Central Texas Hill country on Saturday afternoon. All stores in and around Kerrville reported spotty supplies. Other beer brands were similarly affected, tho not to as great an extent.

In related news, a local glass and aluminum can recycler was the stunned recipient of a mother load of recyclable bottles and cans. The lucky, environmentally consious capitalist (hey, he wasn't doing it for free, he made money. Therefore: Capitalist.), said, "I'll be using some of the proceeds to pay off the rest of my mortgage. The rest, well...let's just say I'll not be hurting for ways to ensure that my kids are good shots."

You may now comment.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nice Try.

Supergurl made a valiant effort to get you to the blownstar drunken festivities. But alas she has made one minor error. Hwy 29 is about 3 miles south of Menard, Texas and runs west to exactly the Middle Of Fucking Nowhere. Highway 27 on the other hand runs east and west through Kerr County.

So replace 29 with 27 in this paragraph.

From the Harper Road & Hwy 29 intersection, you should proceed west down 29 to Ingram, about eight miles down the road. At the Y intersection in Ingram, (which is the SH 27 and SH 39 intersection you want to go straight on 39 at this point)reset your trip odometer and stay left towards Hunt"

I guess she done good for a woman giving directions. BWAHAHAHA. Sorry couldn't help myself.

Go here for all your driving needs. Toad Hall is not on the map but it will give you a general idea of where to go.
I know…I know blatant self promotion.

See y'all in about 26 hours. If you don't end up in Menard.

Just for some visual reference here is a list of the river crossings that you will cross after you turn onto SH-39
You will follow the river for about 6.5 miles.
The first time you will cross the river is at Schumachers Crossing. You will want to stop and take pictures.
Next is the Hunt Crossing watch it here the Sheriff likes to sit and hand out tickets to speeders
After those two you will be in the thriving metropolis of Hunt , Tx there will be a fork in the road here keep on 39 do not turn onto FM 1340 follow the river again for about 11 miles.
You will cross the Camp Mystic Crossing the next crossing is the River Bend crossing the entrance to Toad Hall is at the east end of this low water bridge.
I hope this helps.

P.S. Denny you are going to love 39 in the Beamer. Nice curvy road. Great driving.

Beta Max

All your last minute needs right here, ya'll...

It is just twelve hours til the first Blown Eye arrives, Erica from Brooklyn. Awe, yeah, folks!

Print these detailed directions if you can for the trip over.

If coming down I-10, you will miss a lot of construction if you will take the second Kerrville exit, also called the Ingram exit or Harper Road. Unless you are planning on stopping at the HEB, you will save 20 minutes not going all the way through Kerrville.

From the Harper Road & Hwy 27 intersection, you should proceed west down 27 to Ingram, about eight miles down the road. At the Y intersection in Ingram, reset your trip odometer and stay left towards Hunt.

Mile Location

0 Y intersection in Ingram, stay left to Hwy 39
+1 Ingram Dam

+3.5 Ped Bridge overhead, River Oaks Resort

+5 Schumacher River Crossing

+5.7 Hunt River Crossing, stay left on Hwy 39 at the next intersection

+6 THE HUNT STORE (Last stop for food, ice, phone service, etc)

+7 Japonica North Entrance on left.
This is the overflow house, the first house once you turn down the lane.
I hung a homemade felt usa flag on the entranceto make it more obvious.
Check in here is 12 noon.

+9 Crider's Rodeo & Dance on left

+11 Camp Mystic river Xing & Camp Mystic on left. (5 miles from the Hunt Store)
Slow down and start counting mailboxes on the right.
Toad Hall Meet Site is the fifth gate on the right. Check in 2pm.

if you get to the RIVER INN turn around, you have gone too far.

See ya'll real soon!

Biscuits and Gravy

Okay y'all. Because I don't want Erica to have missed Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast (and 'Pup really likes them too), I'm bringing stuff to cook some for her. I'll also be making grits. Maybe. The biscuits, alas, will have to be canned, as I've just not made biscuits enough to be really good at it.

(It really is something to have to do a lot of before you get really good a it--a lot of a good biscuit is technique and I'm half convinced a little magic doesn't hurt.)

Friday: Texas Style barbecue, briskit and fixin's

Saturday morning breakfast...? Other than the stuff I'm making, I've no idea. I think a selection of fruit, and I'm sure coffee will be available, but what else exactly? This is your last chance to make a special request, ya'll. Think hard.

Saturday lunch: sandwiches and left overs from Friday...if there are I've tasted Supergurl's brisket. There may not be that much left!

Saturday dinner: Wallrilla and Running Behind will make Chili. (those of you wanting to adulterate a perfectly sublime dish with beans will kindly do so behind our backs, please) and tamales. A salad? Again, this is your last chance to make a request. OH. We're going to need cornbread! Supergurl? Can you help?

Sunday breakfast, grab and go, toast, fruit, coffee, tea?

'Pup and I are driving over this evening and will be staying in Stonewall, a little town just east of Fredricksburg. Supergurl, let me know what I need to get, if anything. We'll be in the area all day Friday.

This is going to be fun, y'all. If things work out right, I'll be meeting a friend from high school, whom I've not seen since 1977, on Sunday after the blog meet.

This is going to be a long day. Y'all drivin and flyin', be careful and get there safe.

See y'all tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

There Once Was A Drunk By The River

There once was a drunk by the river-
It's was too fucking hot to quiver-
There were too many cool peeps-
So the drunk never sleeps-
When he got home, he prayed for a new liver...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Okay... Vittles Menu Updated

Friday: Supergurl is arranging a barbecue brisket and fixin's

Saturday morning. Erica, for you I'm willing to try to make my mom's recipe for sausage gravy (turkey sausage), if you'll forgive me for using canned biscuits. (anyone wanna volunteer scratch?) Everyone else, I think, if you want to cook it, give us a list of what you want to make, or if, like Denny, you only want some fruit and coffee (my usual too, Den, only with tea), tell us what kind of fruit. Coffee will be a given. I'm bringing a selections of teas (stuff I already have) and some fresh mint.

Saturday Lunch: Brats and fixin's, with kabobs of beef, chicken and veggies. An idea: if we all help prep, we could make our own kabobs to order. Fresh fruit for dessert.

Saturday evening: Wallrilla and Running Behind are making (BEANLESS, of course) Chili. I'm bringing some tamales, and may have to up my order for more, as I'd ordered before I knew how many people we'd be feeding. Hopefully, we'll also have left overs from Lunch. Fresh fruit for dessert, and/or Some'mores.

Sunday morning, I suggest a grab and go, as some of us will have had a late night and may or may not be up to having more than coffee...

I made the comment on the drinks post that I could already see that most of the calories consumed with be liquid in intake....

Hic' Yaaaaahhoooooo!! Only 3 more days to go!

Hitchin a Ride

Just for everyone's info. I will be at the airport around 2:45 CDT or so on Friday. I saw that Holder could use a ride. I don't mind hanging ( if CD doesn't) for an hour or so if anyone else needs a ride I got room for Me, CD, Holder and one more.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Vittles'n Such

Okay, people. Pay attention here. We need to get a grocery list finalized.

So far, Friday is going to be hamburgers on the grill ready as you come in from near and far.

Saturday morning breakfast? NOT A CLUE. Y'all need to chime in with preferences.

Saturday lunch: Bratwurst and fixin's with kabobs of shrimp or beef with veggies...Caesar salad, and fresh fruit for dessert.

Saturday dinner: Running Behind and Walrilla's Chili and the tamales I'm bringing and left overs from lunch. For dessert: Some'mores, or fresh fruit.

Beverages...well y'all discussed that in the post beneath this one.

So WHAT do y'all want for breakfast??

I'll chime in first and say that I'll eat anything, especially a breakfast

Drinkin Thing

How much beer do I need to buy peeps?
I know about what I think will cover it.
But a little more info would help.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Welcome to Texas

Tales from the Pacific Northwest

So I'm working yesterday trying to finish a major project before I fly down to Texas on Wednesday. My friend Bridget calls me up. "Sup! It's a beautiful day. Let's drive down to Tacoma and walk Commencement Bay and drink long island iced teas at Harbour Lights." "Why Harbour Lights?" "I hear they don't put training wheels on their teas." "Gee. Why don't ya just twist my arm woman?"

We're walking the kick-ass Schuster Parkway along the bay. Absolutely gorgeous people! Mt. Rainier in all its glory to the east and the Olympic Mountains clear to the west. Cargo ships tugging through the bay, military jets training overhead, people roller blading, jogging, walking their dogs. I saw so many gorgeous women I almost passed out. We folks up here have patiently waited for this after a very wet winter and spring.

We end up walking all the way to Ruston. "Bridget? How far have we walked?" "3 miles." "WTF? That means we have to walk 3 miles back!" "Oh. You're a smart one. I'm doing the 20-mile suicide prevention walk in Seattle tomorrow night." I gotta suicide solution right here...

...RIP Randy Rhodes...

We end up at Harbour Lights and had lunch and drinks outside. The long island iced teas were kick ass!!!! I've never been so buzzed after two cocktails in my life. So she has to leave and drops me off at Enterprise. I have to work in Yakima tomorrow and I always rent instead of wearing down my own vehicles when I travel. I walk in with my rebellious half-buzzed self. "What will it be this time, Paul?" "I'm feeling a little wild today. You got one of those brand new Chargers?" "It's been waiting for ya!" Yeah baby!! You should see this beautiful machine sittin' in my driveway right now. Tomorrow is gonna be fun road trippin'.

My best buddy Robert down in New Braunfels called me up last night all excited about us hanging out together this week. His family welcomed their 3rd baby girl two weeks ago and I am so stoked to see them this Wednesday. On Thursday we're all headed to Schliterbaun, the most bad-ass waterpark in the entire universe!! Robert's coming to the blogmeet, too. We're gonna drink you mofos under the table so bad you'll be begging for mercy. We know how to party. We're both Texans. And we're gonna have a good time with all you guys. Peace!

Friday, June 20, 2008

One for the Cat lover

Hells Kitchen

Since today is the official beginning of Summer I think a song is appropriate.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Are They So Mad?

Flash Backs:

-Mad Libs... I cant' stop "___________"! I can't wait to"________" and "_________" in a week! This "_______" is really going to take a toll on my "_________". I can't stop"______" or my "_____________" is gonna "_________"!

Who remembers Mad Libs? Not the morons we have to dead with today, but the "fill-in-the-blanks" game?

I know you do Supergurl...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I Think I'm Gonna Like Texas...

It's not the smoothest delivery; almost like a Dubya delivery, but if you can get past the stumbling of his words, he makes complete sense. It's completely insane that taxpayers have to pay these politicians to fight retarded legislation that this man stepped up to the plate to fight. I'm quite buzzed right now, so I'll end with this...

Ted Poe kicks ass!!! and Pelosi is another ignorant bitch!

Turn out the lights.....the party's over...

Yoo who anyone listening?

Yesterday McCain came to Texas and said that he now supports off-shore oil drilling ,even though he railed against it in the 2000 elections. This morning we got Bush giving a speech on drilling for more oil. Thanks, why didn’t you guys do this about 6 yrs ago? Dickheads.

Then we have Obama saying that when he is president he will tax the ever loving piss out of the “EEEVVILL” oil companies take those profits and use them to create “green jobs”. Whatever the fuck those are. That we cannot drill our way out of this problem Blah, blah, 10 years, blah, George Bush, Global Warming, polar bears, blah blah, progressive blah.

Now let me get this straight. Opening up ANWR, getting rid of the moratorium on drilling in the outer continental shelf. Building shale to oil, coal to oil and nuclear power plants then actually using them. All the while exploring new avenues of energy. These are bad things?

I wonder how many jobs Obama’s green team will create vs. destroy at the same time?

Now let’s ponder how many jobs the aforementioned will create. Labor to build the plants and drilling rigs, labor to fire them up and use them, jobs mining the coal to convert to oil and manufacture electricity. Then the labor to run and maintain the plants. These alone would probably be in the millions. Not to mention the distribution and transportation of the materials. You got a couple million more right there. Plus the jobs that the “green” energy exploration would create.

Hey Ubama, McCain! You want to help the poor in this country start with energy exploration. It would lower gas prices and create jobs that people would want to do because they pay good.

I don’t understand why a guy that dropped out of high school and went to work full-time installing flooring at 16 can figure this shit out but all these supposed intellectual elites cannot.

Is Matt Foley Gonna Be There??

So who's the Matt Foley of the Blown Eyes, and where can I score some doobage?? Do I have to make it to the van down by the river?? BWAHAHAHAHA!

RIP Chris Farley.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ten Days Folks...

Time is creepin', and I'm starting to get FIRED UP!!!

Next Monday is gonna be a cluster fuck, since I am a procrastinator and am gonna be stressin' on forgetting things that I shouldn't forget. I'm only going to have three days after work to actually pack, but I'm only brining my carry on. I guess there isn't much to bring... my rod and reel, some swimmin' trunks, some ca$hola, and a willingness to party with some new peeps huh? The ca$hola is to help pay everyone who is putting in for us out of town lurkers who were lucky enough to be invited. It's an honor, and I thank you. Sincerely! I'll thank you in person when (and if) my plane touches down safely...

Heh heh! Can't wait! I'm starting to get this tingly feeling up my leg like Piss Mathews, except mine is for something legit.

Wooooooo Hooooooo!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Okay, I'll Play...

You should really wait 'till I'm good and drunk to be asking these questions, but, hell, I'm a little drunk right now, so here it goes:

(Bear with me; when I get drunk, I tend to ramble a lot)

1. What was I doing five years ago.
-I was living in a nice place, madly in love with a materialistic WHORE who I thought I was gonna marry, went camping all the time, and was learning to play more music than I ever had learned in my life, and probably more than I ever will again. Oh yeah, and I didn't have a computer at home, so the only GOC action I got was when I was at work. Now that I have a computer at home, I get more done at work but I get less sleep, therefore I get less done at work. Did that make any sense?

2. What are five things on your to-do list today.
I. Wake up (hopefully)
II. Kick some ass at work
III. Crack a few beers while helping a buddy frame his bathroom
IV. Get home, crack a few more while doing laundry and grillin' some BBQ chicken
V. Few more beers, shower, brush teeth & pass out

6. Where are five places you have lived?
(All considered San Diego)
I. Chula Vista (born and raised)
II. El Cajon (first place on my own, college years)
III. San Diego (Pacific Beach party years)
IV. Back to El Cajon
V. Presently in La Mesa, but will be back in El Cajon in a couple months

7. What are five jobs you've had?
I. Sea World trash pickin' up dude (first 'real' job @ 16yrs. old)
II. Cashier/Power Tool Sales @ Home Depot
III. Fireplace Installer
IV. Forklift Driver
V. Electrical Construction Estimator/Project Mgr. (last nine years to present)

Cruisin for a bruisin

O hell yeah! I would love to get me one of these. Just for the shear asshatery that would ensue.

But $500 bones? No thanks I think all just carry my ice chest.

Stupidity Tax

It's Monday. I hate Mondays, especially this Monday because I've finally realized I have too much work to do and not enough time to do it all. I have two very complex appraisal projects that I have to get out the door before I fly to Texas. These two projects though are gonna hit my bank account with nice little cha ching! Maybe that will motivate me today. And I also have a formal meeting with a lender and a disgruntled property owner because I told him the only thing his property can fetch right now is ragweed. Public enemy No. 1 in commercial real estate is wishful thinking, and this property owner has got the worst case I've ever seen. Greed kills, folks. Go cry to your mommy because I don't want to hear it. And if you make me take the expert witness stand I will make your attorney look like a lost puppy. I hate Mondays.

To this day, I can't think of a more diabolic, completely outrageous and painfully funny sitcom than the BBC's Absolutely Fabulous. Oh what I would do to party with those two girls just once. So the video I'm posting below is probably my favorite clip from that series. Pay close attention to the second half of Eddy's rant because she sort of nails it on the head. And with that, it's 10:30 am up here and I still haven't done shit today. I guess it's time to get motivated and git r dun. Seattle weather: sunny and 65. How you like dem apples Texas? BWAHAHAHA!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Who Dat?

Kerrcarto, assuming that you, me, and CD become good pals at the blogmeet, we should seriously consider making our own web site with all three of us contributing whenever we want. We can buy our own domain for cheap. I know someone who can host it for dirt cheap (although I'm building a kick-ass machine later this year so I could potentially host it), and we could talk to Denny or SuperGurl about design. You can blog Texas style, CD California style, and I'll be Washington. The three of us raise enough hell to load plenty of bullshit on that train. It could be really cool. And we could build it to where readers decide if they want to view all posts, yours, CD's, or mine. We would be joint editors, kinda like Veteran American. Heh heh. I said...joint.

OK, SuperGurl tagged me. This is my first meme. Ain't that special?

What was I doing five years ago?

Cora was in the oven and Samuel was four. I was a corporate puppet and hating my career with a passion. My marriage was falling apart. bitch. But I had lots of beer and a really nice ski boat. Can I get an Amen?

What are five things on your to-do list today?

Finish packing up the kids' rooms and move the rest of the furniture out (I'm selling my house & relocating). Stain some wood trim. Drink lots of beer. Grill shrimp k-bobs with onions and peppers. Watch the Lakers/Celtics game with my friends. Happy Fathers Day.

What are five snacks you enjoy?

Chocolate. Beer. Whiskey. The good herb. More beer.

What are five things you would do (at the same time?) if you were a billionaire?

Jessica Alba & Shania Twain. Two's enough. Damn.

What are five of your bad habits?

None. I'm an angel. Well, actually...I am a professional procrastinator. If you ever see me napping or chugging a beer, rest assured, I'm probably procrastinating.

Where are five places you have lived?

I'm a Texan and proud of it. I'm the only Texan in the Jackson clan, and my son is jealous. God bless Texas!

1) Dallas, TX. 2) Heath, TX. 3) Denton, TX. 4) Waxahachie, TX. 5) Seattle, WA

What are 5 jobs you've had?

I'm boring. 1) engineering intern. 2) materials planner. 3) commodity manager. 4) purchasing agent. 5) commercial real property appraiser. borrrrrrrrrrrring, but I know how to hit the pay dirt.

So there's more than you probably ever wanted to know about me. See y'all next week.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Handling the Heat

Well, last year may have been wet, and on the cool side, but this year it's going to be hot and dry. That means, unless we get a big rain system, there will probably be a burn ban, which will mean no fireworks. I think we'll still be able to have a fire in the firepit, as that is a controled area, but bottle rockets. Which is a shame, as I'd looked forward to fireworks so far from city lights.

Everyone needs a hat, one that will cover and shade your face and, if you have short hair, your neck as well. Otherwise, you're going home as a red-neck, no matter what.

Sunscreen is your friend. Personally, having about as much melanin in my skin as a terrorist has mercy in his heart, I'll be using as high an SPF as I can find. Sigh. I'll be reapplying often.

The water in the Guadalupe will be very cool, so if you enjoy getting in the water, it will be a good way to cool off. Swim suits are not optional. At least, they will be during the day, night time is negotiable.

Another good thing to have will be some mosquito repellent. If you're flying in, I think we'll probably have enough to share. That could probably be said of the sun screen as well.

'Pup and I have some extra umbrella chairs, and will be bringing them. We also have some forks for toasting I guess we'll need some graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows.

Personally, I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and talking to all hours of the night, fishing and just hangin' out, hearing Denny sing...listening to everyone's stories.

Just 2 more weeks. Till then, think hard about rain.

The theme ain't over.

Know who this is?
Don't cheat. No going to youtube to find out.


Ok Supergurl you are full force into getting us as full time blodgers.
My first meme! I am wetting my pants with joy.

1. What was I doing five years ago.
The exact same thing I am doing today. Raising kids, hell and drinkin beer.

2. What are five things on your to-do list today.

1. Finish this weeks work.
2. Get drunk.
3. Wash and repeat.

3. What are five snacks you enjoy

4. What are five things you would do (at the same time?) if you where a billionaire?

5. What are five of your bad habits?
Uncontrollable masterbation. Does that count as five?

6. Where are five places you have lived?
1. Kerrville, Tx. That is it. Unless you count hotel rooms (see next question answer #4) than I can't even begin to count.

7. What are five jobs you've had?
1.  Flooring installer
2. Natural gas pipeline repair / Dad
3. Burial hole excavator / Dad
4. Texas highway crack counter. I worked for a company named Dynatest International. I literally counted cracks in every state maintained road in Texas. / Dad
5. Digital Cartographer/ Dad

Friday, June 13, 2008

A Fathers Day Post..via Glenn Beck

One of the best Fathers Day monologues I have ever heard.
Too bad ya'll have to read it (it is long but worth it!).

I started the program today with that essay and I ask the question on Father's Day weekend, how many of us are working so hard and we say we're doing it for the family but are we? Are we just trying to get away a little bit because we're afraid we're going to screw things up because we don't know what the heck we're doing? "As a dad I don't know what the heck I'm doing," and is that what we're doing? And as I've had a chance to think about it, I want to bring you this idea. Why is it on Mother's Day we all talk about how great our moms are. Why is it on Mother's Day you don't have the wringing of the hands and you don't have the "My mom wasn't there for me," but you do on Father's Day. Why is it on Mother's Day it's the number one long distance day but not on Father's Day? Father's Day's not number 2. Why is it on Mother's Day everybody goes out, runs and tries to do something special for mom but Dad gets a tie, almost an afterthought. It's not that I want more than a tie. I guess it's the thought that counts. And we spent so much time thinking about moms, and we should.

And I'm going to be real honest with you. My mom wasn't mother of the year. My mother, my mother had real deep, deep problems. She was doing her best, but she left the family to deal with suicide when I was 13 years old. Family hasn't ever recovered from it. We're still dealing with it today. I was on the phone just last week with my 50-year-old sister and she's still dealing with it and so am I. And yet the media and the general public, we never talk about our moms this way on Mother's Day, but for dads we do. And maybe it's because moms are supposed to be warm and fuzzy and we just don't -- we've been raised better than this, to talk poorly about our mothers. Our mothers are special. We revere our mothers. "Don't you talk about my mother that way." And so maybe we don't delve into what our moms were really like. Maybe we give mom the benefit of the doubt. Maybe we just say Mom was doing her very best.

It's also easy to remember mom a little kinder, I guess. You know how you forget the bad stuff and you only end up remembering the good stuff. Our memories change. And mom was there in the middle of the night. Mom was the one you cried out for when you were sick because mom was the soft one. Mom was the caring one. Mom was the one that you ran to the arms of when you would fall down and skin your knee. But you know what? That's society. That's society trying to make dad into something less than mom. Dad maybe is not the one that is supposed to be the one that you run to when you skin your knee. Dad's the one that you're running with when you skin your knee.

I didn't learn how to talk to people from my father. I learned that the words you say to another man mean something. My son says to me every night when we go to bed -- we're having a hard time keeping him in his own bed and when I think we're headed for a bad night, I look at him and I say, Raphe, tonight you're going to stay in your bed? And he says, yes, Dad. I say, no, look me in the eye, tell me what you're going to do. And he'll say, I'm going to -- and I say, no, you look a man in the eye when you give him your word. And he says, I'm going to stay in my bed, Dad. I say, shake on it, and he shakes my hand. I say, now, what do we do in this family? He said, we don't break our promises. I said, that's right. We probably do that three times a week. And you know what? He doesn't break his promise. On those nights he stays in bed. Because he also knows I don't break my promises, and there will be punishment. That's the kind of stuff I learned from my dad. Not how to talk to people, not to converse, not to chitchat because my dad never did it. Not to be comfortable around people because my dad never was and I'm not. It's that your words mean something. I wonder. I'm away from my children an awful lot because I work an awful lot, but I don't work probably more than you do. I work 12 hours a day and then I come home. I'm home for dinner with my kids except when I travel. I'm at home with dinner with my kids. I'm home on the weekends. I don't work. I'm home every Sunday with them. We stay together on Sundays. We don't do any work. We do church stuff and family stuff on Sundays. But I wonder. My dad, he never said to me, he never taught me how to work. He never told me how to work, but I know I work like my father does. My dad worked his tail to the bone. That's the work ethic I have and because of that work ethic, my family will change. My family has opportunities. Because of my father's work ethic, I have opportunities that he didn't have. Because of my work ethic, my children have opportunities that I didn't have.

So I'm looking at my dad maybe today in a different light. Maybe we should. My father was there for all the plays. He may have still had icing on his shoes, no kidding. He still may have pastry on his pants, but he didn't miss the plays. I haven't missed my daughter's. He was busy supporting the family, but I never, ever once doubted my father's love for me, never once. I didn't do all the things that, you know, I saw -- what was that show with the Courtship of Eddie's Father. I didn't have the relationship that Eddie had with his dad. But I knew that my father loved me. I think my children do as well. Maybe we're not supposed to learn all the things that we learn from our mother. Maybe we're trying to put our dad in the category of mom, and dad doesn't belong in the category of mom. Dad belongs in the category of dad, not the category of mom. Why are we spending so much time thinking about what we didn't have with our dad? You know what? Because we spend so much time thinking about what we didn't have with our dad, we forget what we do have with our dad. We forgot what we did learn from our dad. I learned how to be tough. I learned how to be honest. I learned how you look a man in the eye and your handshake means something. Your word is your bond. I learned to take care of my family. I learned that it is a man's responsibility to make sure you can put food on the table. I learned that it was a man's responsibility to do whatever it took to make sure his family was safe and well cared for. I learned work ethic from my dad. I learned how to be a man from my dad. Never anything he taught me. He didn't teach me how to shoot a gun, he didn't teach me how to go fishing. Never went to a soapbox derby with my dad. But that's kids stuff. At some point we've got to leave the kids stuff behind and we've got to look at the man stuff. Forget about what happened in the past. Did your dad teach you how to be a man. Mine did. I'm grateful for that. Maybe we should spend some time today thinking about the man stuff, not the kid stuff, not the, "Oh, I scraped my booboo, give me a hug" stuff but the man stuff. There's a shortage of not only oil in this country today. I think there's a shortage of men. There's a shortage of people who will just pull themselves up by the bootstrap and say, you know what, enough is enough; get the hell out of my way, let a man through here; I'll take care of it. Maybe this Father's Day -- you know what? Maybe this Father's Day you just need to give a card to your dad that says, thanks for helping me man up. And you don't mean that in a bad way. Mean that in a good way. Dad, thanks for helping me man up. I'm glad I'm a man.

If that don't bring a tear, you ain't human.

Don't wanna get Supergurl or Nancy in trouble

Ohhhh Yeaaaaahhhh!! How many bottle rockets can I trade for tracers?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Obama the Great and mighty orator

Here is the rest. I hope he plans on sleeping alot if he is POTUS.
That must not be the kinda asthma he knew.

"I have to tell you, you know, it's part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama's speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don't have that too often." Chris Matthews


Sorry For The Deviation...

I don't mean to take away from the current "tokin" theme, but I was cruisin around Youtube and came across this one and had to share it.

This is one of my all time favorite movies, and definately one of my all time scenes. I had to share this shit!

Are there any kickass ranges on the Guadalupe where we can shoot some fish in a barrell? I've always wanted to do that for shits n' giggles and to piss off some libtards...

If you have speakers, turn this shit up! Badass!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Song for Supergurl

Since bud and booze have been the topics this week, I just had to throw in some John Lee Hooker. 16 days to blogmeet!

The ride from the Airport

I imagine it will sound something like this!

Monday, June 9, 2008

I don't drink anymore...

Yes, you heard it here first. I don't drink anymore. Times have changed, gas prices are through the roof, and I've made a choice that I'm pretty damned proud of:

I don't drink any more...

...however, I don't drink any less.

kerrcarto, I hope you're well-stocked on those Shiner Bocks cause I plan on puttin the hurt on a few of those guys. I have already put aside some ca$h to make sure my Tab is covered (and then some). If Paul starts bustin' out the Crown Royal, please make sure I am nowhere near a campfire, 'cause after that shit I tend to navigate towards the burning embers.

It's a curse!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008


Ya'll are so lucky.

What can I say. The New York Times actually got something right. On their top 31 places to go this summer they picked the Texas Hill Country as their top getaway!

“Thus, here are 31 options — from river rafting in eastern Oregon to biking in the White Mountains of New Hampshire — for a great summer vacation. Not one involves the terrifying conversion of dollars into euros, many can be enjoyed without ever getting on a plane, and the road trips are ones that actually justify filling up your tank, even if the price of gas hits $5 a gallon this summer.


Who needs Europe? The Texas Hill Country, west of Austin and north of San Antonio, might be the next best thing to crossing the Atlantic. The region is lush, colorful and, unlike much of the pancake-flat state, dotted with beautiful green hills that are evocative of Tuscany or the south of France (with less pussies) . Moreover, the region is speckled with 22 wineries ( that buzz with food and music festivals year round. And towns like Fredericksburg offer a taste of the Old World, with German-style biergartens and schnitzelhäuser."

Now, we that have lived here our whole lives have known this for years, but it always takes the NYT a while to figure things out. So for all you peeps comin down or up or sideways to the Conservative Writers Annual Texas Function (does that help any CD?) just drop your thanks in the comments to Supergurl for giving you bragging rights at work. When your co-workers start bragging about going to Florida or California or the South of Wales, you can bitch slap them with “Oh yeah I’m going to the NYT #1 vacation spot this year, so suck on that.”

See ya’ll in 20 days, you lucky bastards.

Strange Bed Fellows

Guess who has voted our meet locale as the # 1 touron destination in the entire United States?

The New York Times


Saturday, May 31, 2008


Headcount so far

Interactive Bar

Ok, you're stranded at a deserted bank of a beautiful river. You're thirsty, for a whole weekend, what do you want to drink?

In the comments, please. I want to know, alcohol only, what you need onsite to make it through the weekend. I do not want each person wasting the time, gas & cash stocking up when we have limited space, and even more precious, time. Plus, we typically way over purchase. So drop it in the comments, "a twelve pack & some crown" whatever. I will update this post as the answers come in. Thanks.

I will set up a bar adjacent to denny's room. What bottles do you want to see there?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Interactive Menu

Same deal (I'm out of ideas already.) You are going to be hungry. Not ever cohabitating with any of you folks, I have no idea. Do you eat eggs, or do you have a cigarette and diet coke for breakfast? I know not.

Right now, we are thinking hamburgers on the grill when you get in Friday evening? From there, it's open. Is there a dish you like to make that's good and easy for crowds? I make a pretty awesome breakfast quiche. So let me know. Also, out of towners specifically~Is there any specific Texan cuisine you are hoping to have? Tex Mex & BBQ are obvious possibilities to me.

Obviously, you are free to bring whatever you like. Again, it's a space and time limitation thing. I merely want to have the place pretty much good to go. So in the comments as soon as possible, food you must have onsite. Thanks much!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TSA & Tackle

Okay, I have a stupid question here:

Does anyone know the TSA "rules" for a whiteboy taking tackle on a plane? I mean, are they going to worry that I might scream, "allah akbar" while slashing people's throats with my Red Devils or my KastMasters? I've never taken tackle as carry-on, so I don't know. This is the first time I'm going to have carry-on only.

Looking into airline rules and regs is a mind fuck these days, so it's my last resort. I was hoping one of y'all have some insight and/or experience in this matter. My Dad handed this stuff down to me, so I don't wanna lose it to the TSA and all the PC bullshit going on in this country.

Who's doing the first Cannon Ball?

As to my cleanin' the 'swimmers', that only applies to the fish. Us mammals will have to clean ourselves accordingly to our preference and those around us. I have to draw the line somewhere! Unless you have a special request...?

Uh Oh. I'm going to shut up now...

Monday, May 19, 2008


I would like to thank Supergurl and Nancy for setting up this site and inviting me to post here. I have debated starting my own blog over the past few years but just don't have the time/care to manage my own blog. This is a perfect scenario for me so that I can post about my Hometown and get all you furiners learned on what to expect from the people of the Texas Hill Country.

1. If another man holds the door open for you he is not gay we just have manners.
2. If you see a kid driving a tractor down the road, don't freak out he does not have a license for a car yet.
3. Kerrville is a retirement town and they drive slow. Don't blow your horn and yell at them, they are still good shots.
4. Most folks here are nice, respectfull people, if you run into anyone that is not, you have our permission to whoop that ass.
5. Just like the Guadalupe River we don't get in too much of a hurry here so leave the big city in the big city please.
6. If you meet a kid that cusses better than you, you have our permission to whoop that ass.
7. I have no idea why our high school mascot is a freakin antler it just is, don't ask.
8. We have some celebrity life here but if you run into Thomas Hayden Church don't approach him he is a royal dooshbag see #4
9. Sir and Ma'am are still normal vocabulary words here. If you meet a child that does not think that way see #6
10. I can't think up anything for #10 so just be prepared to have fun!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some music for your Sunday afternoon.

I'm a music buff; a music nerd from hell. I've been collecting vinyls and CDs since my teens. Music is my favorite hobby. Period. I am a big supporter of independent music and so all you Sony people can kiss my...

I like to rock the house. Just ask my neighbors. heh heh

Here's an up and coming band here in Seattle. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What to Bring

This is going to be an interesting blog meet. We'll have a private venue on a beautiful river and will be staying in some lovely cabins. (Yes, there will be air conditioning available.)

So, what to pack?

  1. Comfortable clothes, and shoes that are comfortable enough to walk around looking at the pretty place.
  2. Swim suit, if you're so inclined to want to get into the water. It's going to be one of the better ways to cool off, so, I'd suggest that you feel inclined...
  3. A fishing pole and light tackle. I don't think there will be any trophy sized fish around, but you might enjoy catching an occasional pan fish or catfish. If you're a Texan and have a fishing licence, you're all to the good. Out of staters...if you want a licence it will be wicked expensive. Chou did tell me that, as we are on private land, the probability of actually seeing a Fish and Game Warden is slim to none.
  4. In state people, if you have an inner tube or want to bring something to float on...I'm sure they'll get used. There will be at least one canoe on site.
  5. Whatever liquid comestibles you'd like to consume in large quantities. It really is a fer piece to the nearest liquor store.
  6. Any musical instrument you can play. Nice thing about privacy is that we can make as much noise.....errrr I mean we want.

Okay guys, if you have any suggestions, now is the time to post them.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

All of my Ya'll

Hey, kids. SuperGurl, here. Much thanks to nancy for building us a home away from my home to hash out the plans.

Gotta question? Have a need? Ask away.

We intend to have an interactive menu so that we don't steal anytime from the meet to 15 individual shopping trips. I will be happy to provide an interactive bar for the same purpose.

Because we have more single bodies than we have beds, I am going to take the next step in purchasing another summer house to plant bodies. It's either that or somebody needs to go gay immediately. Any takers?

As far as sending me money, I appreciate your eagerness. I have set up a pay pal account but have no idea how to work it, seems you have to invoice people. Regardless, I'm not there yet. Nevertheless, here is the button should you feel the need:

I'm thinking accommodations are running $110 per person for the whole weekend to stay on site or just down the road. If there is extra money, I will apply it to the overall cost and refund you cash money at the meet. If you are wanting to chip in extra for food or liquor or anything else, send me an email at supergurl (at) supergurl(dot)net detailing your intent for dollars sent.

That's all for now, and let the questions fly.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Howdy Y'all!

You're invited to the Third Annual BlownStar Blogmeet. It will take place from June 27 to June 29, 2008, at a Secret Locale, with some fully equipped and appointed lodges next to the Guadalupe River.

The site, while not really intentionally created to be handicapped accessible, does have some luxuries for our less easily mobile friends...(errr, that would include moi and the 'Pup)...It includes a couple of private separate rooms and a fire pit platform down by the water that is accessible by automobile. We were going to be renting two lodges, a small one and a large one, but as we've been getting more people coming out of the woodwork, and running out of places to stack bodies, we'll be renting another lodge on the same site. And yes, the lodges have full plumbing.... We're not roughing it, just taking advantage of some privacy and beautiful scenery.

The Guadalupe River is a spring fed river and so is about 70 degrees F all year round, clean and clear. It's a good way to cool off during a warm summer day. So, bring a swim suit. Skinny dippin' will have to be negotiated on-site with the other participants. There will be lots of trees, and there are a couple of screened in porches for groups to gather, gab, and gobble.

There won't be restaurants available, so we will need to cook. The kitchens come equipped with pots, pans, and all things needful to cook, along with things like towels, soap, and some staples. The plan for the first night, Friday is to use the large grill also included in the site and have hamburgers grilling and ready as our people come in.

As for the other meals, Supergurl and I (Nancy) would like people to make suggestions and requests for things to make. If you have a special dish that you'd like to make, or have made, send your grocery list to Supergurl (at the email below) or Nancy at mrsfrance at Rather than have 20 people hitting the nearest HEB for pretty much the same things, we'll do the shopping and split the bills.

Included with the groceries will be ice, and soda and iced tea. If you should want stronger beverages, please feel free to bring some in! Those of us limited to the iced tea will try not to record EVERYTHING that goes on...but I ain't promisin' nutthin'.

We will book hotel rooms in town for those desiring more getaway from the getaway and to accommodate any overflow. But know this, it is our custom to ridicule you after you leave (and long held family traditions die hard). Stay on-site, or suffer the conferences.

You'll have time to sleep when you get home.

San Antonio is the closest major airport. Blown eye shuttle service available from there. Accommodations have already been arranged for you. For more info and cost, drop me an email at supergurl (at)