Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nice Try.

Supergurl made a valiant effort to get you to the blownstar drunken festivities. But alas she has made one minor error. Hwy 29 is about 3 miles south of Menard, Texas and runs west to exactly the Middle Of Fucking Nowhere. Highway 27 on the other hand runs east and west through Kerr County.

So replace 29 with 27 in this paragraph.

From the Harper Road & Hwy 29 intersection, you should proceed west down 29 to Ingram, about eight miles down the road. At the Y intersection in Ingram, (which is the SH 27 and SH 39 intersection you want to go straight on 39 at this point)reset your trip odometer and stay left towards Hunt"

I guess she done good for a woman giving directions. BWAHAHAHA. Sorry couldn't help myself.

Go here for all your driving needs. Toad Hall is not on the map but it will give you a general idea of where to go.
I know…I know blatant self promotion.

See y'all in about 26 hours. If you don't end up in Menard.

Just for some visual reference here is a list of the river crossings that you will cross after you turn onto SH-39
You will follow the river for about 6.5 miles.
The first time you will cross the river is at Schumachers Crossing. You will want to stop and take pictures.
Next is the Hunt Crossing watch it here the Sheriff likes to sit and hand out tickets to speeders
After those two you will be in the thriving metropolis of Hunt , Tx there will be a fork in the road here keep on 39 do not turn onto FM 1340 follow the river again for about 11 miles.
You will cross the Camp Mystic Crossing the next crossing is the River Bend crossing the entrance to Toad Hall is at the east end of this low water bridge.
I hope this helps.

P.S. Denny you are going to love 39 in the Beamer. Nice curvy road. Great driving.


CharlieDelta said...

Maybe she got a head start on the drinking?

Denny said...

What do I do if I get lost? No cell service.

kerrcarto said...

Denny, what did you do with your map book, use it for asswipe?

After you leave Ingram and head west on SH-39 you do not get off of that road. So getting lost is not an easy thing to do. Take your time and enjoy the beautiful drive down the Guadalupe. You will more than likely have cell service (depending on your carrier) till you pass the Hunt store then it gets spotty.

SuperGurl said...

OOPS, what, i just wanted all that yummy shiner for myself.

CharlieDelta said...

I just checked, and it's looking like the weather is going to be perfect! I'm a little bummed I'm going to miss the thunder storms on Sunday though. Those are few and far between out this way.

CharlieDelta said...

Looking forward to meeting everyone!