Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Done deal

We live here for now.

Cool peeps

Can't wait to see everybody again.

Just an update: CD and I are working on right now. I have the domain reserved. Now, if only kerrcarto would answer his damn emails...

An Earworm From Jerry

Jerry has kindly provided us with a don't-wanna-miss-it video. For those of you who weren't able to attend the blogmeet:

Hey, ya'll

My blog appears to be temporarily defunct. But here's a little jewel that is sure to bring back a drunken flashback. Feast your weary earies:

Sure do miss all of you.
Gone for eight days tomorrow, ya'll be good!


Sunday, June 29, 2008

Okay Y'all.

Time for a head count. If you were at the meet, leave a comment so we can all give and get some linky love.

Oh, and Supergurl and I are blogmommies. Denny is the father. It's a long story.

Let's just say that Denny looked happy and relaxed all weekend.

Come to think of it, there were a lot of guys looking REAL relaxed all weekend.


And the latest news is that Shiner Bock...any now is very short supply, as extra had to be trucked into the Central Texas Hill country on Saturday afternoon. All stores in and around Kerrville reported spotty supplies. Other beer brands were similarly affected, tho not to as great an extent.

In related news, a local glass and aluminum can recycler was the stunned recipient of a mother load of recyclable bottles and cans. The lucky, environmentally consious capitalist (hey, he wasn't doing it for free, he made money. Therefore: Capitalist.), said, "I'll be using some of the proceeds to pay off the rest of my mortgage. The rest, well...let's just say I'll not be hurting for ways to ensure that my kids are good shots."

You may now comment.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nice Try.

Supergurl made a valiant effort to get you to the blownstar drunken festivities. But alas she has made one minor error. Hwy 29 is about 3 miles south of Menard, Texas and runs west to exactly the Middle Of Fucking Nowhere. Highway 27 on the other hand runs east and west through Kerr County.

So replace 29 with 27 in this paragraph.

From the Harper Road & Hwy 29 intersection, you should proceed west down 29 to Ingram, about eight miles down the road. At the Y intersection in Ingram, (which is the SH 27 and SH 39 intersection you want to go straight on 39 at this point)reset your trip odometer and stay left towards Hunt"

I guess she done good for a woman giving directions. BWAHAHAHA. Sorry couldn't help myself.

Go here for all your driving needs. Toad Hall is not on the map but it will give you a general idea of where to go.
I know…I know blatant self promotion.

See y'all in about 26 hours. If you don't end up in Menard.

Just for some visual reference here is a list of the river crossings that you will cross after you turn onto SH-39
You will follow the river for about 6.5 miles.
The first time you will cross the river is at Schumachers Crossing. You will want to stop and take pictures.
Next is the Hunt Crossing watch it here the Sheriff likes to sit and hand out tickets to speeders
After those two you will be in the thriving metropolis of Hunt , Tx there will be a fork in the road here keep on 39 do not turn onto FM 1340 follow the river again for about 11 miles.
You will cross the Camp Mystic Crossing the next crossing is the River Bend crossing the entrance to Toad Hall is at the east end of this low water bridge.
I hope this helps.

P.S. Denny you are going to love 39 in the Beamer. Nice curvy road. Great driving.

Beta Max

All your last minute needs right here, ya'll...

It is just twelve hours til the first Blown Eye arrives, Erica from Brooklyn. Awe, yeah, folks!

Print these detailed directions if you can for the trip over.

If coming down I-10, you will miss a lot of construction if you will take the second Kerrville exit, also called the Ingram exit or Harper Road. Unless you are planning on stopping at the HEB, you will save 20 minutes not going all the way through Kerrville.

From the Harper Road & Hwy 27 intersection, you should proceed west down 27 to Ingram, about eight miles down the road. At the Y intersection in Ingram, reset your trip odometer and stay left towards Hunt.

Mile Location

0 Y intersection in Ingram, stay left to Hwy 39
+1 Ingram Dam

+3.5 Ped Bridge overhead, River Oaks Resort

+5 Schumacher River Crossing

+5.7 Hunt River Crossing, stay left on Hwy 39 at the next intersection

+6 THE HUNT STORE (Last stop for food, ice, phone service, etc)

+7 Japonica North Entrance on left.
This is the overflow house, the first house once you turn down the lane.
I hung a homemade felt usa flag on the entranceto make it more obvious.
Check in here is 12 noon.

+9 Crider's Rodeo & Dance on left

+11 Camp Mystic river Xing & Camp Mystic on left. (5 miles from the Hunt Store)
Slow down and start counting mailboxes on the right.
Toad Hall Meet Site is the fifth gate on the right. Check in 2pm.

if you get to the RIVER INN turn around, you have gone too far.

See ya'll real soon!