Saturday, May 31, 2008


Headcount so far

Interactive Bar

Ok, you're stranded at a deserted bank of a beautiful river. You're thirsty, for a whole weekend, what do you want to drink?

In the comments, please. I want to know, alcohol only, what you need onsite to make it through the weekend. I do not want each person wasting the time, gas & cash stocking up when we have limited space, and even more precious, time. Plus, we typically way over purchase. So drop it in the comments, "a twelve pack & some crown" whatever. I will update this post as the answers come in. Thanks.

I will set up a bar adjacent to denny's room. What bottles do you want to see there?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Interactive Menu

Same deal (I'm out of ideas already.) You are going to be hungry. Not ever cohabitating with any of you folks, I have no idea. Do you eat eggs, or do you have a cigarette and diet coke for breakfast? I know not.

Right now, we are thinking hamburgers on the grill when you get in Friday evening? From there, it's open. Is there a dish you like to make that's good and easy for crowds? I make a pretty awesome breakfast quiche. So let me know. Also, out of towners specifically~Is there any specific Texan cuisine you are hoping to have? Tex Mex & BBQ are obvious possibilities to me.

Obviously, you are free to bring whatever you like. Again, it's a space and time limitation thing. I merely want to have the place pretty much good to go. So in the comments as soon as possible, food you must have onsite. Thanks much!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

TSA & Tackle

Okay, I have a stupid question here:

Does anyone know the TSA "rules" for a whiteboy taking tackle on a plane? I mean, are they going to worry that I might scream, "allah akbar" while slashing people's throats with my Red Devils or my KastMasters? I've never taken tackle as carry-on, so I don't know. This is the first time I'm going to have carry-on only.

Looking into airline rules and regs is a mind fuck these days, so it's my last resort. I was hoping one of y'all have some insight and/or experience in this matter. My Dad handed this stuff down to me, so I don't wanna lose it to the TSA and all the PC bullshit going on in this country.

Who's doing the first Cannon Ball?

As to my cleanin' the 'swimmers', that only applies to the fish. Us mammals will have to clean ourselves accordingly to our preference and those around us. I have to draw the line somewhere! Unless you have a special request...?

Uh Oh. I'm going to shut up now...

Monday, May 19, 2008


I would like to thank Supergurl and Nancy for setting up this site and inviting me to post here. I have debated starting my own blog over the past few years but just don't have the time/care to manage my own blog. This is a perfect scenario for me so that I can post about my Hometown and get all you furiners learned on what to expect from the people of the Texas Hill Country.

1. If another man holds the door open for you he is not gay we just have manners.
2. If you see a kid driving a tractor down the road, don't freak out he does not have a license for a car yet.
3. Kerrville is a retirement town and they drive slow. Don't blow your horn and yell at them, they are still good shots.
4. Most folks here are nice, respectfull people, if you run into anyone that is not, you have our permission to whoop that ass.
5. Just like the Guadalupe River we don't get in too much of a hurry here so leave the big city in the big city please.
6. If you meet a kid that cusses better than you, you have our permission to whoop that ass.
7. I have no idea why our high school mascot is a freakin antler it just is, don't ask.
8. We have some celebrity life here but if you run into Thomas Hayden Church don't approach him he is a royal dooshbag see #4
9. Sir and Ma'am are still normal vocabulary words here. If you meet a child that does not think that way see #6
10. I can't think up anything for #10 so just be prepared to have fun!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Some music for your Sunday afternoon.

I'm a music buff; a music nerd from hell. I've been collecting vinyls and CDs since my teens. Music is my favorite hobby. Period. I am a big supporter of independent music and so all you Sony people can kiss my...

I like to rock the house. Just ask my neighbors. heh heh

Here's an up and coming band here in Seattle. Enjoy.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

What to Bring

This is going to be an interesting blog meet. We'll have a private venue on a beautiful river and will be staying in some lovely cabins. (Yes, there will be air conditioning available.)

So, what to pack?

  1. Comfortable clothes, and shoes that are comfortable enough to walk around looking at the pretty place.
  2. Swim suit, if you're so inclined to want to get into the water. It's going to be one of the better ways to cool off, so, I'd suggest that you feel inclined...
  3. A fishing pole and light tackle. I don't think there will be any trophy sized fish around, but you might enjoy catching an occasional pan fish or catfish. If you're a Texan and have a fishing licence, you're all to the good. Out of staters...if you want a licence it will be wicked expensive. Chou did tell me that, as we are on private land, the probability of actually seeing a Fish and Game Warden is slim to none.
  4. In state people, if you have an inner tube or want to bring something to float on...I'm sure they'll get used. There will be at least one canoe on site.
  5. Whatever liquid comestibles you'd like to consume in large quantities. It really is a fer piece to the nearest liquor store.
  6. Any musical instrument you can play. Nice thing about privacy is that we can make as much noise.....errrr I mean we want.

Okay guys, if you have any suggestions, now is the time to post them.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

All of my Ya'll

Hey, kids. SuperGurl, here. Much thanks to nancy for building us a home away from my home to hash out the plans.

Gotta question? Have a need? Ask away.

We intend to have an interactive menu so that we don't steal anytime from the meet to 15 individual shopping trips. I will be happy to provide an interactive bar for the same purpose.

Because we have more single bodies than we have beds, I am going to take the next step in purchasing another summer house to plant bodies. It's either that or somebody needs to go gay immediately. Any takers?

As far as sending me money, I appreciate your eagerness. I have set up a pay pal account but have no idea how to work it, seems you have to invoice people. Regardless, I'm not there yet. Nevertheless, here is the button should you feel the need:

I'm thinking accommodations are running $110 per person for the whole weekend to stay on site or just down the road. If there is extra money, I will apply it to the overall cost and refund you cash money at the meet. If you are wanting to chip in extra for food or liquor or anything else, send me an email at supergurl (at) supergurl(dot)net detailing your intent for dollars sent.

That's all for now, and let the questions fly.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Howdy Y'all!

You're invited to the Third Annual BlownStar Blogmeet. It will take place from June 27 to June 29, 2008, at a Secret Locale, with some fully equipped and appointed lodges next to the Guadalupe River.

The site, while not really intentionally created to be handicapped accessible, does have some luxuries for our less easily mobile friends...(errr, that would include moi and the 'Pup)...It includes a couple of private separate rooms and a fire pit platform down by the water that is accessible by automobile. We were going to be renting two lodges, a small one and a large one, but as we've been getting more people coming out of the woodwork, and running out of places to stack bodies, we'll be renting another lodge on the same site. And yes, the lodges have full plumbing.... We're not roughing it, just taking advantage of some privacy and beautiful scenery.

The Guadalupe River is a spring fed river and so is about 70 degrees F all year round, clean and clear. It's a good way to cool off during a warm summer day. So, bring a swim suit. Skinny dippin' will have to be negotiated on-site with the other participants. There will be lots of trees, and there are a couple of screened in porches for groups to gather, gab, and gobble.

There won't be restaurants available, so we will need to cook. The kitchens come equipped with pots, pans, and all things needful to cook, along with things like towels, soap, and some staples. The plan for the first night, Friday is to use the large grill also included in the site and have hamburgers grilling and ready as our people come in.

As for the other meals, Supergurl and I (Nancy) would like people to make suggestions and requests for things to make. If you have a special dish that you'd like to make, or have made, send your grocery list to Supergurl (at the email below) or Nancy at mrsfrance at Rather than have 20 people hitting the nearest HEB for pretty much the same things, we'll do the shopping and split the bills.

Included with the groceries will be ice, and soda and iced tea. If you should want stronger beverages, please feel free to bring some in! Those of us limited to the iced tea will try not to record EVERYTHING that goes on...but I ain't promisin' nutthin'.

We will book hotel rooms in town for those desiring more getaway from the getaway and to accommodate any overflow. But know this, it is our custom to ridicule you after you leave (and long held family traditions die hard). Stay on-site, or suffer the conferences.

You'll have time to sleep when you get home.

San Antonio is the closest major airport. Blown eye shuttle service available from there. Accommodations have already been arranged for you. For more info and cost, drop me an email at supergurl (at)